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Sep 08

Check Out these Ways to Market your Small Business Inexpensively

By Keith Price | Uncategorized

You know you have to market your small business to gain any headway against the competition, but are hard-pressed to come up with what may even be called a reasonable budget.

Never fear, however, as to day <a href=”″>marketing your small business</a> online is easier and less costly than ever before. There are a myriad of free or low-cost options available to you, and the hardest part will be committing to getting this done. Take a look at several of these ways to get you started. Don’t worry if they seem basic: many times it’s the basics that get you where you want to be.

Employ Social Media – If your business is not to be found on social media you are starting out several steps behind the field. These days it’s practically required to have a presence on at least Facebook, and perhaps Twitter Google&#43; and LinkedIn. These sites are where people are these days, and not only that, they are quickly developing into full-service marketing platforms, able to share your content, sell you advertising, and helping to build your brand. Don’t neglect this!

Your Website? – I reckon that you have a site for your company, and if not, this should be your first order of business. Today they are easier than ever to either set up yourself or have done for you, in so doing create a base of operations for your business. Do yourself a favor however, and make sure you do not use a website solution where you don’t actually own the site. While these appear to be an easy way to go, in the end you don’t end up owning any online assets and your options are extremely limited. Opt instead for your own domain, hosting and site design. You’ll be glad you did!

Use Business Cards – Another ineffective way of marketing your small business is via using business cards. Giving out your business card can help you land new clients. Make them tactilely impressive, and visually appealing.

Be a Presence at Local Events – Even if your business is not locally-oriented, coming out and giving a face to your business will net you many more leads than you thought possible. You never know who the person you network with today will end up being tomorrow. (And don’t forget to bring those new business cards!)

Sep 08

How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

By Keith Price | Uncategorized

Choose imagery wisely – The visuals you use on your posts and ads make a big difference. Be sure they are original and also something you would share yourself.

Use call to actions in your cover photo – A recent addition to your arsenal is the capability to add one of 7 different calls to action into your cover image. Many times this can be useful to encourage actions and engagement.

Optimize your page descriptions and About sections – This is your opportunity to tell the world about yourself and your company. Don’t waste it! Make sure you include links to your other web properties, as well as giving a clear picture of who you are and what you’re about.

Publish often – If you don’t care enough to come around frequently, neither will other people. You should always be publishing often and cross promoting with other social channels. Consider using paid ads on posts that get interest; as this can increase your fans exponentially.

Answer people – If there are questions, comments or inquiries made by your followers, make sure that you respond to them without delay. Don’t ever leave them in the lurch. Giving them a feedback as soon as you possibly can tells them that you are still listening and encourages them to visit your page often.

Doing these simple tasks can set you up for an engaging page that will keep visitors returning repeatedly to see what else you have to share.

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