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​Hey, We Get It.
Leads Suck!!


Our proprietary system goes way beyond leads and gets you appointments that convert to
actual sales. Guaranteed.

Our entire focus is on getting you calls, appointments, and sales. We want to fill your job calendar.

We can help you no matter where you are in the United States or Canada.

We Serve...
Bathroom Remodel ♦ Counter-top Remodel ♦ Electrical ♦ House Cleaning ♦ HVAC ♦ Kitchen Remodel ♦ Landscaping ♦ Paving/Cement ♦ Pest Control ♦ Plumbing ♦ Remodeling ♦ Roofing ♦ Water Damage ♦ Window Replacement

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Our Promise To You

We understand finding customers can be frustrating and overwhelming. Paying crews and technicians for standing around because of a lack of jobs is painful. The internet was supposed to make it easy, right? Instead, it's been expensive, confusing, and ineffective.

But that's because you've been getting bad and/or incomplete advise.

We promise to listen and to only recommend solutions that are ideal for you. We promise to do the hard work of finding and attracting new people to your business -- not just leads, because leads suck! We promise to get you calls, appointments, and sales.

Introducing Our Perpetual Customers System

Your Path To More Customers and More Sales

(How Are You Doing In These Six Areas?)


Nothing happens until someone becomes aware of you. We attract eyeballs to your site. 


Is the messaging on your site capturing visitors' attention and interest? Or is it scaring them off? We help you create a compelling message that gets visitors to raise their hands.


Your site needs to give visitors a reason to call you or fill out a form. 95% of website visitors leave without taking action. We help you capture contact information -- even after they leave your site.

Follow Up

People get busy. People are forgetful. You need to keep reminding people who expressed interest to keep their appointments or to drop in. We do that for you. Automatically.

The Sale

When prospects call or come in or get a quote, what you or your staff says and how they say it can kill the sale or seal the deal. We work with you and your staff to drastically improve sales conversions. 


The hardest and most expensive sale you'll make is the first one. Yet most businesses fail to keep the customer coming back over and over again. We help you keep in contact and strengthen your relationship long after the first check is cashed.

We do what we do best so you can do what you do best.

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There's Real Experience Behind Our Promises

Monthly Phone Calls

Show Up Rate

These systems currently create 7,000+ phone calls to businesses each month. 60-80% of leads who schedule appointments actually show up. Our implementation team is a Google Channel Partner that manages over $2,000,000 in ad a month. $25,000,000 overall.

You Can Try Us With Confidence.

$ 0 MM
Monthly Ad Spend

$ 0 MM+
Overall Ad Spend

Don't Just Take Our Word For it...


I would happily recommend him

Keith has helped me immensely with my marketing. I was lost when I began my sales efforts. Keith introduced me to programs that would help my website and ideas to create upcoming programs.

Keith has the expertise to advise anyone through the rigors of marketing today. I would happily recommend him to my friends.

Rose Black Owner

Enriched My Practice

Working with Keith has changed my view of marketing dramatically. He’s helped me prioritize my marketing strategies and focus on defining my goals. Implementation of my most important marketing ideas has been a huge breakthrough for me, and my practice has benefitted greatly in terms of the number of patients we see each week.

I highly recommend Keith to those practice owners who share my struggles with trying to manage their own marketing while still seeing enough patients to generate a comfortable income. Keith’s advice has truly enriched my practice!

Luke Gordon Owner

Great Instincts

Keith didn’t slap some trite marketing formula on me – he listened; he asked questions. Keith’s instincts and suggestions made my offer more irresistible every time we talked. He focused on specific details, but always with the larger picture in mind. When I read our final draft…even I want to sign up!

Karen President

Would you be interested in results like these?

Company A

Had 20 total sales in October last year. Implemented this system and had 100 new sales this year.

Company B

60 new sales in just 60 days.

Company C

Had ZERO sales in December last year. Implemented this system and had 400 new sales this year.

Company D

35 new sales in just one month.

Company E

43 new sales in 4 weeks.

Company F

Doubled sales in just 2 weeks.

100% Risk Free: Find out if this will work for your company

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Zero Out Of Pocket If You Qualify

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Subscription To Express Marketing Magazine

Your monthly resource guide for small business marketing. Each month we cover important, timely, and actionable topics to help local businesses just like yours grow. 

We want to enable you to do big things by breaking down the sometimes complex topics of marketing your business online and off.  (Value: $24 / year)

Targeted Paid Traffic Strategies

Fastest, Easiest Way to Find Ready-To-Buy Customers

When you use our tools and strategies, you'll get your perfect message out to a highly targeted audience in your local area but on national and global websites. You will maximize your reach based on interest and location whether on their desktop or phone.

Through our analytics and reporting, we can test media and messages for constantly improving results.

Stunning Websites That Convert

Turn More Visitors Into Paying Customers

Most websites do a poor job of driving sales. How about yours?

We've studied and tested to find what works and what doesn't. It's not only about looking great and it's not just about giving good information.

We have a proven process that gives you the best chance of turning site visitors into customers.

Our websites are mobile-ready, load fast, rank well, and convert. Blow away your competition by having us design a new website for you today.

Automated Follow Up

Speed Matters. Timing Matters. Consistency Matters.

Did you know that responding to leads within five minutes improved results by 900%! and that it takes 
at minimum 8 touches just to get a conversation with a new lead. You're not doing either of those things, right?

Of course not. Who has the time for that?? You have a business to run. We can do it for you! That's because we have the technology and systems to automate 80% of the work.

Let us increase your sales by following up with your leads for you.

Bring Them Back To Your Site

Double Your Sales

94% of visitors leave your site without taking action. Gone forever. Probably to hire your competitor. UNLESS you let us work our magic. We can make sure your name, message, and offer continue to be seen by your prospects virtually everywhere and all the time.

If they came to your site once, then they had some level of interest. They're probably the hottest prospects you can find. Our Omni System keeps you in front of them on Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, CNN, Yahoo, ESPN, Twitter, WebMD, TechCrunch... practically anywhere they go. 

And when thy're ready to buy, you'll be on the top of their mind.

DOUBLE The Conversion Rate!

Free Access

How would you like to covert 112% better than industry averages? That's with cold traffic -- that is, people who were hearing about the  business for the first time. That's 2 times better. Double!

We'd love to show you how we did it for this client.


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No need to talk to anyone -- unless you want to. No one will call.

These Marketing Myths Are Costing You Money:

(Click a myth to expand it.)

My Business Is Too Small For Marketing

My Website Needs Massive Traffic To Be Effective

I Need a Great-Looking Website To Get Sales

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated To Finding You New Customers In As Little As 30 Days

We only work with home improvement contractors and service providers who serve their local regions. We GET you.

We have built a set of proprietary strategies, technology, and processes that allow us to deliver massive results at a lower price than you'd expect. Our unique approach to marketing can make a difference in your business in as little as a few days or weeks.

Our strategies are designed to produce maximum results with minimum effort and cost. We focus on core principles and ignore the fluff. Our formula is simple but powerful: Find new customers, engage them, and convert them. We do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

We know that local contractors seldom have the time or resources to keep up with the latest strategies that bring in new business. We like to work with business owners who are passionate about providing a high quality product or service because we are passionate about providing those owners waves of new customers.

Listen To Why Clients Like You Love Us:

Robert Boduch, Author

Keith, you’ve made it surprisingly easy to implement the concepts and examples from my book. Kudos! Now anyone can use The Magic Bullet to kick out dynamite, targeted headlines in minutes — without the mind-numbing effort and time investment that great headlines usually require. It’s a real time (and energy) saver that can be used for any type of ad, sales letter, brochure, postcard and more. Highly recommended!

Imagine if your business had a predictable stream of new jobs landing in your lap each and every month.

What would that mean for you, your business,
and your employees?

Will the Perpetual Customers System Work for you?

You run a home improvement related business.

Our entire focus is working with home improvement contractors and service providers, so you can be sure we understand how to increase your sales and take your business to the next level... and beyond.

You're committed to growing your company.

Our passion is creating success stories. But we can't do it alone and we won't drag you across the finish line. Your enthusiasm and commitment is crucial if we're going to help you DOMINATE your market.

You're willing to listen to and test new ideas.

Your income won't change if your practices don't change. We'll bring people to your door and/or get your phone ringing but you still need to close the deal. Your staff may need to do things differently to increase conversions. We can help with that.

You do good work.

No amount of quality marketing will make up for shoddy work or a bad reputation. That's like thinking singing louder will make up for being off-key. If you're good at what you do, you'll do great!

You want positive results yet have realistic expectations.

Listen, we're good. But we're not a magic lamp. If you keep your expectations realistic and give our system a chance, you WILL experience a drastically positive ROI. We guarantee it.




What is LTV or Lifetime Value of a customer and why is it important?

Why Isn't My Website Getting Me Customers?

What Should I Do First To Get More Sales?

How Do I Improve My Online Reputation?

How can I get more visitors to my website?

How does video marketing increase sales?

What's the best way to keep in contact with website visitors and customers?

What is Retargeting?

Get Guaranteed Results!

You could be booking new jobs
by this time next week.

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Zero Out Of Pocket If You Qualify

Note: That's City Hall. We don't take visitors at our office, but are happy to meet at your office or at a nearby coffee shop.  We do 90% of our work remotely, without ever meeting face to face.

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Why Choose Us?


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Our entire focus in on helping home improvement contractors and service providers get more calls, appointments, and sales.. You have unique needs and we know how to meet them.

Our proprietary strategies and technology are highly effective at getting you results. That is, more visitors, more prospects, and more sales.

We would like to take most of the burden of marketing off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business. Let us help you be the hero of your business.

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